SYNTELL analytical applications are powered by SYNTELL 4i. This is our analytical application platform. It is the SYNTELL 4i platform that powers analytical applications that cannot exist otherwise.

The SYNTELL 4i platform delivers:

  • Complete freedom for business functionality to work the way the business does
  • Complete 360 view of the business data
  • Application work flow that drives business improvement
  • Expert business logic accessible to all users
  • Industry best practices packaged for reuse and easy adaptation

All SYNTELL applications are state of the art IT technology and conform to industry standards. This means the SYNTELL 4i platform delivers easier integration and lower operating effort for your IT department.

Some Specifications:

  • SYNTELL analytical applications are thin client and provide access to users via a browser by the internet or intranet through a secured link.
  • SYNTELL applications also provide a true web services interface by an HTTP connection that sends and receives XML (including SOAP) for integration with other applications or with an XML Bus.
  • The user interface is very intuitive and provides contextual Help, multiple languages, export to Excel spreadsheets or Adobe PDF.
  • Full access security and integration capabilities with your current security infrastructure.
  • Central administration and monitoring of application operational performance.
  • SYNTELL 4i is a Microsoft Windowsİ based application.