In our Workforce Evolution page you can see all your employees per department or job group.  The initial situation gives you the number at the beginning of the period (it could be year, quarter, month or even week), then you have all the hiring activities, and the departures (you can break it by voluntary, unvoluntary, retirement) and you can also have all your internal movement (transfer between department).  We also give you the possibility to compare your reality against your plan.  The application has an alarm system built in that send you an alarm when you deviate from your plan (yellow alert and red alert).

The second screenshot shows you the entire page, where you can add specific information (graphs) such as your turnover rate and your distribution of departure by cause.  At the top, you have a graph (or a table) showing the number of employees for the last 12 months.

At the right of the screen, you have all the parameters that you can use to filter your data, such as age, tenure, gender, target group, etc.