A revolutionary new product from SYNTELL: the Management-Robot MC.

What sets the Management-Robot MC apart from existing management software is that, as a robot, it does a portion of the managers' work, freeing them to concentrate on tasks with higher return for the enterprise.


Get  immediate access to a management dashboard and detailed information for further analysis of particular issues, providing an in-depth understanding of the state of operations: instantly, anytime, anywhere, on various devices (PC, iPad, iPhone).


The « Dashboard » module  from SYNTELL.

Assemble your own dashboard quickly. Track the KPIs that require your attention. Share notes and actions.  Drill to the underlying data in SYNTELL's BI modules or in your exsiting BI solutions.


With our Human Capital Management Analytics, you will be able to align talent with your strategic objectives. We can help analyze and optimize your workforce.


Performing workforce planning becomes easy with the right software tool.  You will be able to analyze and predict workforce trends and their impact on Human Capital strategies.