Public Safety


In today's reality, everything is going faster, crime is no exception! The accountability level of polices and protection services is higher than ever. The public as well as elected officials are becoming more demanding, the volume of information to be processed is increasing and the response time has to be more rapid. Agility is key but process and data get heavier.

In summary, the task is enormous and without appropriate tools, the energy spent to manage the everyday workload becomes greater as protection service managers are struggling to keep their heads above water.

SYNTELL Police Analytix is a comprehensive software solution allowing you to drive your initiatives to protect citizens. The solution supports all your needs:

  • Quickly access a detailed picture of criminal and road incidents on different scales and visions
  • Optimize the use and deployment of your workforce
  • Keep track of targeted events
  • Follow the performance of your investigations services
  • Respect your budget and quickly detect any case of overrun
  • Manage your call center (911)