Health & Safety

 Allowing your employees to work in a safe and secure environment is one of your first concerns, but did you also know that a serious accident in your business can result in severe fines and even criminal prosecution?

The best way to protect your employees against accidents and occupational diseases is prevention. A careful monitoring of all your prevention efforts is the key to success. This careful monitoring protects your employees and protects you against possible lawsuits.

SYNTELL Health & Safety application is a complete software solution allowing you to manage your Health & Safety initiatives and demonstrate your due diligence in prevention.

The application supporst all of your needs, such as:

  • Follow your key indicators in Health & Safety
  • Track non-compliance cases
  • Manage accidents and occupational diseases
  • Monitor training and certifications programs
  • Follow your prevention initiatives
  • Anticipate and reduce the risk of incidents or non-compliance
  • Automatically publish reports required by the various authorities
  • Enter and follow the life cycle of non-compliance reports, risk and prevention activities, from creation to closure.