Environment Analytix

Like everyone else, your company is not exempt from the more and more stringent environmental standards. Every company  must meet these new standards, publish key indicators and be more transparent. At the same time your customers expect a perfect environmental record.

Properly driving the environment function requires specialized and powerful tools. The task is immense and without the appropriate tools, the energy spent to manage the everyday workload become such that those responsible for the environment function can no longer focus on real problems and adequately fulfill their task.

SYNTELL Environment Analytix is a comprehensive software package that allows you to control your environment initiatives. It support all your needs such as:

  • Track your environment key indicators such as greenhouse emission,  gas emissions and recycling rates
  • Reach a statutory rate of zero non-compliance
  • Manage environmental incidents no matter how small they are
  • Drive your sustainable developments initiatives and see their impacts on your organization, become a leader in your industry
  • Follow your prevention initiatives
  • Plan and reduce your environmental risks
  • Automatically publish reports required by the various authorities