Other Solutions

SYNTELL has developped the following solutions that can be implemented in your own environement:

  • Health, safety and environment to achieve the objective of "zero incident", to implement key aspects of sustainable development, and solve the problems of regulatory compliance;
  • The maintenance and equipment reliability to maximize resource utilization of preventive maintenance, reduce downtime and maximize the overall effectiveness of equipment.
  • The management of engineering projects in order to reduce cost overruns, minimize delays and maximize the overall effectiveness of projects;
  • The public and private security to eliminate the causes of incidents and optimize the deployment of resources, all in real time;
  • The management of portfolios to minimize risk and maximize the profitability of bank lending to businesses;
  • The control of production costs to ensure the monitoring and control of costs Manufacturing costs for industrial companies;
  • Consolidation and profiling of buying patterns from multiple vendors to maximize the gains from consolidation of volumes;
  • Optimization of dealers sales channel by customizing compensation programs.


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