Workforce Planning Module

Having a clear and accurate picture of upcoming retirements, of your succession strategy,  and of your ability to retain new employees are essential to better managing your most valuable resource...your employees.

SYNTELL offers you a BI solution that is easy to use and implement, that allows you to quickly have a clear picture of the evolution of your workforce. The business best practices developed by SYNTELL over numerous projects have been encapsulated into our Workforce Planning module.

  • This module allows you to address the following business concerns:
  • Identify key employees for which a succession plan is essential, for example
  • Respect your company's policies in regards to Equal Employment Opportunity (EE).
  • Keep a close eye on important measures such as turnover, retention rates, changes in the wage bill or the employees' performance.
  • Carry out further analysis using statistical and predictive tools.

As in most industrialized countries, Canada's workforce is aging and this process will accelerate in the coming years with the mass retirement of "baby boomers".  Your challenge as a manager  is to be ready to face this substantial change. Syntell's Workforce Planning module is the ideal tool to help you cope with  this change.