Work Time Productivity Module

Does your company have a problem with absenteeism? Can you identify your groups or your employees at risk? Is overtime the source of this absenteeism? Is overtime under control?

Do you have a worried look when you view the time banks of your employees that keeps increasing?

Having a clear and accurate picture combined with good control of absenteeism, overtime and time banks, is essential to better manage your most valuable resource ... your employees.

SYNTELL offers a flexible, easy to use BI solution that gives you the tools necessary to monitor on a daily base: the workforce productivity, quickly detect problems, and implement the corrective actions necessary.

The best business practices developed by SYNTELL through numerous projects have been encapsulated into our Work Time Productivity Module, which allows you to address such business concerns as:

  • Track your absenteeism rate in real time and compare it between different departments
  • Find out what are the most recurrent cause of absenteeism
  • Monitor overtime and prevent it from becoming a source of absenteeism or pinpoint with precision when is the best time to hire.
  • Keep a close eye on time banks, how they are accumulated and spent; detect any abuse.
  • Confirm if sick days are used or paid to employees at the end of the year.

SYNTELL's Work Time Productivity module provides you with a clear and detailed  picture of the situation, giving you the right tools for better planning so you can take the right decision for your company.

Mismanaged  absenteeism and overtime are very expensive for a company. Equip yourself with the right tools in order to alleviate this problem.