Is your company overwhelmed with the management and monitoring of all the grievances and conflicts? Do you have difficulties consolidating and keep track of grievances and conflicts that your company is facing?

Labour disputes such as grievances, complaints or disciplinary actions are a pain for all organizations. Not only do they degrade the work environment, but they also entail significant costs.

SYNTELL offers a BI solution that is easy to use and implement, and that allows you to quickly have a clear and concise picture of ongoing conflicts in your organization, enabling you to take the right actions at the right time.

The module allows you to address the following concerns:

  • Detect which organizational units have the most labour disputes and analyze the causes of these conflicts.
  • Follow each case and ensure that they are treated on time and according to the standards of your organization.
  • Ascertain major conflicts that could create precedents or cause significant costs.

As numbers show, Quebec is at the forefront in Canada and North America for the rate of union presence.  With labour disputes that tend to last longer and grievances that may arise at any time, labour relations remain a vital element that managers must deal with.

SYNTELL's Labour Relation module is a centralized tool for management support which is a key ally in keeping the situation under control.