Human Capital Dashboard

Syntell Human Capital Dashboard is designed to be integrated with Syntell Human Capital suite of modules in order to provide a consolidate and customizable view to every user. More specifically, when a module such as Workforce Planning or Work Time productivity is on, the dashboard will summarize all the alarms via a block of indicators. This block will quickly provide you with a value of the indicators, whether an alarm has been triggered, the trend of the last 12 months and empowering you to interact with your colleagues and partners through comments and actions in application.

With a simple click, you can access all the wealth of analysis of the underlying modules. The Dashboard allows you to:


  • Allow for easy and quick customization by choosing your own indicators to follow;
  • Allow you to share with your colleagues key metrics and indicators;
  • Configure your own page, where you can set and track your own set of indicators;
  • Analyze each indicator in terms of evolution, seasonal behavior, impact on other indicators or variability from year to year
  • Provide access to other corporate data. In fact, the Dashboard allows the manual capture of other relevant data from other sectors of the company either manually or with an Excel spreadsheet. It is now possible to easily and quickly build indicators crucial for senior management such as ''revenue per employee'' or ''operating costs per employee''.


Highly configurable, the Dashboard will be beneficial to all levels of management, from the chairman down to the supervisor. It aims for ease of use by providing only the necessary informationto for the managers to take actions or to perform more in-depth analysis by drilling down to a more detailed level of information.