Health & Safety Module

Is your company at risk when it comes to accidents? Have you identified the incidence rate and injury rates related to these accidents? Does your contribution rate ($) to CSST continue to rise year after year? Do you have the right tools and indicators in place to tackle this problem?

With today's standards and requirements, driving the Health & Safety function has become a daily challenge. Many organizations loose valuable time in the analysis of information collected and the production of reports of all kinds. However, to make the right decisions quickly, the information must be presented in a coherent and structured manner.

A centralized tool that allows you to follow standard CSST indicators, helping you to make better decisions, consequently plays a crucial role.

SYNTELL's Health & Safety module, is an easy to use and implement BI solution, that will give you all the tools to track, detect problems, and take the right corrective actions.


The Health & Safety module allows you to:

  • Follow the frequency and severity rate of incidents, for each of your organizational units.
  • Analyze the effects of accidents such as the number of days lost and the temporary reallocations, per unit or subgroup, for your organization.
  • Keep track of the progress of all key indicators over time and take action where the situation is deteriorating.


Count on Heath & Safety at work

Prevention inevitably occupies a significant place in reducing the number of accidents, their severity and the costs associated with them. However, before being able to do prevention, companies need to be able to get a clear picture of the situation to identify areas where corrective actions should be taken.