Consulting Services

Consulting services that go beyond your expectations!


To complete its Business Intelligence (BI) product offering, SYNTELL also offers a full range of consulting related services.

You would like to:

  • Start your first initiative in Business Intelligence (BI) or do a project assessment?
  • Formalize user requirements and encourage their commitments to the project?
  • Assess the quality or availability of your data?
  • Choose Business Intelligence Tools (BI)?
  • Assess your technological environment and its ability to support a  Business Intelligence (BI)?
  • Assign the delivery of a  Business Intelligence (BI) project to a specialist?
  • Get advices to optimize your exisiting Business Intelligences (BI) solution?

Want to make a success with your Business Intelligence (BI) project?

SYNTELL is the partner you need for all your initiatives:

  • Our offers cover all types of BI solutions: creating a data warehouse, the creation of dashboard management, through the introduction of technologies such as OLAP and data mining.
  • Our services cover all stages of a BI project: the establishment of a regulatory framework and governance structure to secure deployment of complex solutions, to change management and training users.

 We have the consulting services to meet your expectations!

Want an extra edge on your BI projects,  SYNTELL offers skilled and experienced ressources:

  •  Supervision:
    • Project Manager
    • BI Architect
  • Business Components:
    • Business Architect
    • Business Analyst
  • Data Components:
    • Data Architect
    • Data Analyst
    • BI Database Administrator
    • ETL Architect
    • ETL Programmer
  • Technology Component:
    • Technology Architect
    • Security Specialist
    • Implementation Specialist
  • Interactive Component:
    • Application Architect
    • Analyst
    • Programmer

SYNTELL consultants average 20 years of experience. In average, they are part of the SYNTELL team for more than 10 years. They all share the values of the company and have your success at heart.