Doing the work for you

What sets the Management-RobotTM apart from existing management software is that, as a robot, it does a portion of the managers' work, freeing them to concentrate on tasks with higher returns for the enterprise.

The Management-RobotTM constantly scrutinizes the business operation data to detect and inform managers of potential problems and guide their analysis in finding the root causes of the problems, helping them identify the proper corrective actions.

Instead of providing managers with tons of information to analyze and decipher, the Management-RobotTM does this work for the managers and directs management attention on specific issues requiring their involvement and action.


Mobile, practical and Pragmatic


When a discrepancy is detected by the Management-RobotTM, the appropriate managers receive a notification on their PC, tablet (e.g., iPad) or smartphone (e.g., iPhone)

The Management-RobotTM displays icons allowing managers direct access to the root cause data, helping them assess the scope and seriousness of the problem.

From that point on, the Management-RobotTM assumes total control of the business communications related to each discrepancy until complete resolution.  It highlights all corrective actions planned and taken by the individuals involved.  This promotes a paperless environment with an audit trail, something highly desirable to increase the productivity in any organization.

Finally, the Management-RobotTM provides each manager immediate access to a management dashboard and detailed information for further analysis of particular issues, providing an in-depth understanding of the state of operations: instantly, anytime, anywhere, on a variety of devices (e.g., PC, iPad, iPhone).