The Dashboard module has been developed to be fully integrated with your corporate data and present a consolidated view, customizable for every user.The Dashboard allows you to create your own blocks of indicators and customize the look of your dashboard. You have therefore access to all your favorite indicators in a user-friendly interface that can be shared with your co-workers. You can set your own thresholds and targets for your key performance indicators and thus control the alarm levels for each indicator.

You will quickly have access to all the added-value of the indicators, if it`s in alarm, the tendency of the last 12 months.  In addition, you will be able to collaborate with your colleagues through feedbacks and monitoring of actions.

The Dashboard gives you many possibilities, it may:

  • Allow for easy customization by choosing your own indicators to follow;
  • Allow your colleagues to share the blocks and set of indicators;
  • Configure your own indicators page where you will be able to configure your own set of indicators you wish to follow;
  • Analyze each indicator in terms of evolution, seasonal behavior, impact on other indicators of variability from year to year;
  • Provide easy access to enterprise data by enabling input manually or through a simple Excel file information from all sectors of the company.


Highly configurable, the Dashboard will be beneficial to all levels of management, from the chairman down to the supervisor. It aims for ease of use by providing only the necessary informationto for the managers to take actions or to perform more in-depth analysis by drilling down to a more detailed level of information.