When its time to measure the importance of our success, nothing is better than the testimonials of our clients.

Direct Energy

Thank you for your dedication in achieving the ANALYTIX HS&E application. ANALYTIX HS&E is the main pillar of our Health & Safety management program. In the last 4 years, the frequency of accidents with injuries has decreased by 71% due in large part to our ability to identify and better manage the primary causes. 

Paul Werbiski

 Sr. Director HS & E - Direct Energy

QIT - Iron and Titanium

Prior to SYNTELL coming in, QIT had a DW initiative that was not clearly defined. All we had was a data model. SYNTELL was able to define a clear vision of where we should go, what we should do, who is going to do it and what they will achieve with it in a way they can understand it.

The Business Discovery was very efficient in grinding through the details and focusing the application design effort. What ended up in production was almost exactly what was designed in the Business Discovery.

Paratto Law: 20% effort defining things to achieve 80% results.

Christian Turgeon

Information Management Systems - QIT Iron and Titanium


It took us 6 months to establish one metric!

You want me te believe that with their Business Discovery approach, we will establish 70 metrics?

SYNTELL has succeded in only 4 working sessions.

Denis Blais

MAXIMO Coordinator - Hydro-Quebec